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We at Randolph Fight Center are passionate about martial arts and are always eager to show people how martial arts can improve your life. Look around our website, check us out on our social media platforms, or contact us directly through email or phone to learn more about us. Then, decide if we are the right fit for you!

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Martial arts is more than physically demanding. It is a psychological, emotional, and spiritual journey as well. We are happy to help you figure out if martial arts can improve your life. If your question is not answered here please feel free to contact us.

Am I too old to learn a martial art?

You are never too old to study a martial art. All that is required is effort. Martial arts training is only beneficial to the body and mind.

Can a pre-school aged child learn a martial art?

While any age can study martial arts, we recommend waiting until the student has reached kindergarten age. This way they are more used to following directions and have learned how to behave in a more structured manner.

Why do you have to wear a uniform?

Uniformity is integral in martial arts. If you are wearing something that you only wear for a specific purpose, your mind will adapt to the task. For example, when you put your PJs on, you begin to relax and get sleepy. Same idea. When you put on your uniform, you put your mind to work. Also, studying martial arts makes you a part of something more than yourself, and your uniform is a symbol of that respect.

Is a junior black belt really a black belt?

A junior black belt is a black belt that has not yet reached the age of maturity. However, they are tested the same way. So, yes, they are really a black belt.

Do you teach the same things to kids and adults?

Kids and adults are taught the same things. Curriculum does not change. However, the methods of teaching change to accommodate the maturity difference.

What values do you teach to your students?

Our students are taught the values of confidence and respect. No matter what program is taught, everyone becomes stronger in mind, body, and spirit. Through physical training, the mind is encouraged to push forward. Through techniques, we learn how to preserve our partners. Through testing, we gain the confidence in ourselves needed to succeed or overcome obstacles.

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